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us apple developer accounts for sale:Zahidi: Umno will remain on opposition bench without cooperation in GE15



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UMNO AGM | Umno supreme council member Zahidi Zainul Abidin today hinted that the party will remain on the opposition bench if it entered the 15th general election without any coalition partners.

Despite differences of opinions in Perikatan Nasional (PN), Zahidi said Umno must think ahead of a possibility that it could not win enough seats to form a government.

"If Umno now contests and (doesn't win all) 120 seats (it is contesting)... no DAP, no PKR no Bersatu, who will work with us? Do we want to remain the opposition?

"Because from the start, we said we don't want to work with anyone, but then suddenly we don't have (enough) majority. Who will want to work with us?" he told reporters today while distributing food packets to journalists on duty at the Umno general assembly in PWTC, Kuala Lumpur.

Zahidi, who is also deputy communications and multimedia minister, said this when asked whether he agreed with Perlis Umno chairperson Shahidan Kassim that Umno's position in PN is stronger than other parties.

"Whether I agree or otherwise is a subjective matter that must be seen after the general election.

"We (Umno) will handle our affairs but what happens after GE, that is what I think we must discuss," said Zahidi (photo, above).

He said no one will agree to cooperate with Umno if the party has from the start rejected offers of cooperation from other parties.

As an example, he cited a situation where Umno only wins 60 out of 222 seats, and faced no cooperation from any other parties.

"This is something we have to think about... which means we have to discuss. If from the start we disagree with people, people will not agree with us.

"If Umno can get 120 or 112 seats, okay, we don't need to agree (to cooperate) because we can form a government.

"But suddenly not enough, we got 60 or 40 seats. How can we guarantee to get 120 seats," he asked.

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