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THE Education Ministry is mulling measuring the body mass index (BMI) of school students to check their health status.

Fine, go ahead, but I wonder what will be the conclusion after all the checking is implemented. The government will likely enact all sorts of programmes in schools, but little to none eventually translates into useful tangible outcomes.

Guys, the being overweight or obese is due to two simple factors – overeating and lack of physical activities.

More than 50% of the population are either overweight or obese – nothing to be alarmed of if one observes the typical lazy Malaysian.

These people feed themselves to glory at every opportunity, be it at functions or home. They whine and throw all sorts of excuses to not walk the extra mile when they cannot secure a suitable parking space. They consume carbohydrates, especially rice and sweet drinks, to full content.

Some even try to fool themselves by claiming that the rice they eat has low or no starch, and thus bigger portions are okay.

The latest trend is the notion that if a person is a vegan or vegetarian, it should suffice to make them healthier and leaner.

Hello, you who practise fancy diets and eating habits, get your facts right.

You are not going to lose those extra kilos by becoming a herbivore. Count your calories. Weight control is all about input versus output.

Stuffing any more than the daily requirements will eventually deposit itself as fat somewhere down the road. Pumping in calories above the recommended amount, regardless of what you eat, is asking for trouble.

No point preaching about being vegan, vegetarian or practising keto diet if the quantity is just overwhelming.

Almost all individuals fail in keeping up with their new found diets to lose the weight within a short span.

Unless you have a particular medical problem or are on medication, keeping a healthy weight should not be a problem. No need to check your BMI and worry about it, when proper weight management guidance is lacking.

It is all about consuming the appropriate amount that fits your needs; do not become a glutton and over-consume. Count your calories and lose that fat. The fancy-named diets will take you nowhere.

Enjoy your food, but do not over-indulge. – January 13, 2022.

* Narinder Pal reads The Malaysian Insight.

* This is the opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insight.