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aws账号( Malaysia teams up with Kenanga investors to offer financial resilience for customers



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KUALA LUMPUR: Zurich Malaysia has introduced the Zurich Takaful Shariah Edge Fund, collaborating with Kenanga Investors Bhd to offer financial resilience for customers.The introduction of the Zurich Takaful Shariah Edge Fund brings the total number of fund options to 10 to cater to different customers’ requirements.It is a feeder fund that invests in Kenanga Shariah Growth Opportunities Fund (KSGOF), an Islamic equity growth fund actively managed based on both quantitative and qualitative disciplines.Zurich Takaful chief executive officer Nazrul Hisham Abd Hamid said that responding to customer needs, it wanted to provide the right tools for customers to achieve their financial goals and build their portfolio to create a brighter future."This Zurich Takaful Shariah Edge Fund adds on to our nine existing options, so customers have the flexibility to select one that fits their investment goals,” he said in a statement, today.He added that the fund is ideal for investors with medium to long-term investment horizon seeking high capital appreciation from shariah-compliant securities, have moderate to high risk tolerance and can withstand short-term volatility."The fund aims to achieve consistent capital appreciation over the long term by primarily investing in shariah-compliant securities with good growth prospects,” he said.Meanwhile Kenanga Investors executive director and chief executive officer Ismitz Matthew De Alwis said the company has actively supported the rising interest in socially responsible investing and Islamic investments which have experienced an increase in demand during this post-pandemic period."With the growing need for more sophisticated financial solutions, I am confident this collaboration will boost the exchange of ideas and existing business interactions between both institutions to offer innovative financial solutions that will benefit Malaysians,” he said. - Bernama