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YOURSAY | 'In our murky quid pro quo politics, things are seldom what they seem.'

Efforts underway to push Ismail Sabri as PN's new PM candidate

IndigoToucan1627: Will Ismail Sabri Yaakob succeed to take over as prime minister? If he does, it means Umno would have successfully hijacked the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government and kleptocrats will rule.

It depends on whether Bersatu will continue to support the PN government with Ismail Sabri at the helm. Making Azmin Ali the deputy PM may retain the support of some Bersatu MPs but not necessarily all of them.

A good resolution to this political imbroglio will be to get representatives from all the major political parties to serve in the cabinet and form a sort of a unity government.

A Malay-Muslim government like that of the PN will not get buy-in from a cross-section of the Malaysian population. Representatives from MCA and MIC in the cabinet are just window dressing.

How about an interim PM appointed by all political parties and a cabinet made up of representatives of the major political parties with a limited mandate on focusing on the Covid-19 situation and carrying out the reforms proposed by Muhyiddin Yassin?

MS: As I commented elsewhere, Malaysiakinians, prematurely celebrating the reported exit of Muhyiddin and all that he represents, should be prepared for a massive disappointment.

They must remember that in Malaysia's murky quid pro quo politics, things are seldom what they seem. Even as the celebratory hoopla on social media continues unabated, deals are being made, promises exchanged and pledges drafted as promissory notes.

A country totally bereft of honourable, nationally-respected leaders who believe in and strive for the good of all Malaysians, is left with connivers and charlatans who consistently place their despicable selves and creed before the country.

The deals now being made among them with the blessings and participation of their benefactors are aimed at ensuring that nothing will really change.

Like the virus which the world has to learn to live with, Malaysians are fated to tolerate (if barely) the lot they have come to detest - thanks to that pseudo-visionary whose only achievement was to shape and create this long-running nightmare from which there is no awakening.

Cogito Ergo Sum: I agree with MS. Celebrating PM8’s (Muhyiddin’s) exit may actually open us up to a bigger and worse bigot.

We need someone who can see the big picture, not one who sees through tinted lenses of race and religion. We need a technocrat who can command the respect of professionals and lead them.

A tall order even on a good day in Malaysia. And we have not seen one of those in a long time.

Anon_4: Malaysia will be obliterated from the world scene if Ismail Sabri, Azmin Ali or Hamzah Zainuddin is chosen to lead.

The PN government lied to the king, Parliament and the nation. They resorted to using the offices of the speaker and attorney-general to stay in power. Only God can save Malaysia now.