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COMMENT | Thunder roared across the dark sky. The sounds were as loud as the war drums being beaten by experienced soldiers.

The banners are held high, weapons in hand. The planned assault is not one to be scoffed at. Their promised victory is just there beyond the horizon.

The troops need only wait for orders to charge into the battlefield and attack with spears, arrows, swords, or any weapon at hand.

Words of encouragement echo repeatedly among the ranks. The desire for vengeance is boiling in their hearts.

Then, the moment they've all been waiting for nears. They, and others watching, eagerly await for the word.

When suddenly, the general turns to face his troops and says: "Thank you for entrusting me to decide when we should go to war. We will discuss this idea thoroughly, and observe when we should declare war."

The general then smiles and returns to his tent, and waits for his dinner - while the wind rustles softly through the battlefield, and the song of crickets fills the air.

Such is what happened at the closing of the Umno general assembly this evening. Almost nothing happened. Everything is almost the same.

Dissatisfaction, frustration, rhetorics, and desires upon desires unfulfilled remain the same. If there was anything new, it was that a mandate was given by Umno members to the president and supreme council to decide when to leave the government.

It started with the frustrations of the grassroots, which became a motion. The motion was then brought to the supreme council, which accepted it, and handed it back to party delegates. Then the delegates handed it back to the supreme council.

Everyone knows Umno wants to leave PN. What they want to learn is when. However, Umno has chosen to silat their way around an answer.

It's like a bone being stuck in the throat. When the time arrived to remove their suffering, Umno refused.

No matter what excuses will be given, all the public will see is Umno only playing at being heroes.

More than that, the people see that Umno using their MPs as tools to pressure or threaten Bersatu to follow their whims.

The collateral being Putrajaya.

From another perspective, people will see that Umno MPs are unwilling to let go of their coveted positions, whether in the cabinet or in GLCs.

If there is any room for negotiation, now is the time while the same script is being replayed time and again.

It's part and parcel of being a politician to find whatever reason they can to get ahead.

But maybe Bersatu will get bored with entertaining Umno's antics. Maybe Annuar Musa will be smiling wide.

Smoke will remain smoke, and embers may still glow red. But embers only live when there's fuel. Eventually, it will turn to dust.