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,If you work with a computer mouse for most of the day, there’s a strong chance of developing the so-called mouse arm from the repeated strain. —

Mouse arm isn’t what Micky Mouse has, but it’s a good try: It’s a nicer way to describe a repetitive strain injury that can happen to the hand you use to click and scroll around on the computer all day.

It can be pretty painful, but there are some easy workouts that you can do daily to help avoid developing this type of injury.

The German Society for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery recommends the following:

Shake your hands and arms several times an hour. Ball your hands up into fists and clasp your thumb. Hold briefly, then open your hands and spread the fingers. Do this a total of 10 times. Make circular movements with your hands, alternating between your fingers being spread out and a fist. Change directions several times.

It can be especially tough when working from home to have a setup that’s optimal for preventing this type of injury.

Employees should check that their mouse isn’t harming them, and an ergonomic keyboard or hand rest can do a world of good, says the orthopaedic experts.

An office chair with height-adjustable armrests is helpful for managing strain, and the monitor should be positioned so that the head and shoulders remain relaxed. – dpa