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YOU need a combination of honesty and competence to effectively command and control the police force.

It becomes a major problem when either one falls short. It becomes even more diabolical when competence is misused to enhance the criminal mind.

Competency is one of the most significant requirements, which is closely linked to knowledge of all the tools available in contemporary policing.

The most significant factor here of course is the nexus in the appropriate application of police powers in the rule of law. The right application at the right time by those in command is incumbent to all those who are duty bound to uphold the law.

Combining knowledge of intelligence procurement with all the available tools in law as stipulated in the Criminal Procedure Code and the Evidence Act must be associated closely with classification of cases linked to the Penal Code and other regulations.

Police officers must be constantly vigilant in the revelations they make, so as not to infringe its effect on potential admissible evidence. It is the hallmark of good police craft to gather as much admissible evidence first, without alerting the perpetrators.

Successful investigations almost always hinge upon discretion and secrecy during the initial stages of evidence collection.

This is where Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador has fallen short.

His revelation that a group of young Turks were out to oust him was putting the cart before the horse especially when the alleged perpetrators were part of his administration.

Police investigations should have been ready long before he made these serious allegations. The identities of these mutinous officers should be revealed by way of court proceedings. By resorting to internal investigations, he himself is commiting to the “blue code of silence” which to wit, was in his own words.

All police officers have the same duty by law to reduce into writing any information they receive that has ingredients of a criminal offence. This means a police report must be lodged. The IGP has no discretion to exempt himself from doing so.

Honesty alone, although a rare commodity in these times, is not enough to run an organisation that deals with enforcement.

It must be coupled with a high level of competence that adheres to the rigours of accountability and responsibility.

Every offence disclosed must be investigated and police actions have to be recorded as to the manner and mode of these actions.

It must go through a process of initial enquiries, actions taken, classification, outcome, followed by a full investigation paper if ingredients of criminal offences are established.

This has to be documented and cannot be circumvented by personal discretion. The IGP must see his allegations through and put pen to paper.

In fact, his honesty is our best bet for the moment to get something significant moving in the reform of the police force.