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buy apple developer account :Never too late: Microsoft launches its own Autofill password manager


Microsoft's Autofill solution can store passwords and automatically fill login fields for websites and online services. — AFP Relaxnews Microsoft has unveiled Autofill, its new autofill password management system now available in the Edge browser, as well as for Chrome, by means of an extension, on both Windows and macOS. On mobile, this function can be accessed via the Microsoft Authenticator application.This password manager seeks to ensure safe access to online services and documents on user computers via Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, as well as on mobiles via the Microsoft Authenticator app, which syncs saved passwords. In Edge, the function can be activated via Settings > Profiles > Passwords, while a special extension is required for Chrome. Note that passwords are systematically encrypted and that, on mobile, a code or a fingerprint is required to validate login to a website or application for which a password has been saved.All of these passwords are saved to the user's Microsoft account. It's also possible to import an existing list of passwords, including from other specialist password management tools. Microsoft isn't inventing anything new with Autofill, but is taking position as a new player in the password management field. Google user accounts already integrate a password manager, while Apple users will already be familiar with the iCloud Keychain and Mozilla faithfuls may already use Firefox Lockwise.And that's not all, because dedicated solutions like Dashlane and 1Password are also gaining popularity. Microsoft Authenticator is available to download free of charge from Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS). – AFP Relaxnews

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